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In part because car chases are so common many movie makers try to introduce a new twists to them. Posted April 25, at 8: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, it was the landmark car chase alongside Steve McQueen in the now classic film Bullitt for which he is usually remembered. I think I would have to give him the nod. Not for dangerous driving but professional roadworthiness and vehicle control.

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How many times did Hickman and McQueen pass that thing? The sound of that Ford did it for me…. They should have removed the air cleaner on the GrandVille since they were destroying it anyway: Best viewed with a fast forward button and rock music stuntt the stereo.

Bill Hickman – IMDb

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Film pages. I love how you can feel your stomach bouncing up and down as they fly over the cross streets down hill. Click here to view our privacy policy. They are popular because they are fast moving scenes that generate a great deal of excitement and action, due to the speed of the vehicles involved, and the potential collisions and the debris resulting from the wreckage, while not being hugely expensive to stage.

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Bill Hickman

Hiciman take it to San Francisco and drive the bejeezus out of it, leaving it a smoldering wreck at the side of the road. I miss the days of real car chases and actual stunts.

Bill Hickman died of cancer in at hlckman age of 65 in Indio, California. Another method of escalating a car chase scene is to have a character move from one vehicle to another and to fight in or on top of a moving vehicle as the Wachowski Brothers employed very effectively in The Matrix Reloaded.

Though the in car dialogue was really cheesy. The chase scene almost made me car sick. Leave a Reply Stint reply Enter your comment here Hickman appeared in many pictures in various roles, yet he is best known for three movies. Talk about separating the men from the boys. Posted April 26, at 4: Supposedly the door almost landed among the film crew, and could have killed one of them if it had.

You are quite correct. Probably the most complex type of car chase involves going the wrong way at high speed against moderately congested freeway traffic, hickmaan notably in To Live and Die in L.

An accident would have ruined the cars, and we were slated for Monday morning, 6: The car chase in the move Short Time with Dabney Colman comes to mind.

Three months from now, it will be available on DVD. I would add my heart dropping into my stomach as they run downhill and arrive at a level cross street…. Posted July 19, at 1: Posted November 14, at Engines, Transmissions and other Tech. Posted Stutn 31, at 1: My radio interview came after an article published in the May, issue of Muscle Car Review written by Susan Encinas.

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The Bill Hickman Story | Hollywood Wheelman

There may or may not actually be persons quite like that in real life, but he certainly sells the part. Other sources do confirm Loftin did all the stunt choreography on the film. However, Hickman is clearly shown in several of the publicity stills from The Wild One. Nearly 30 years after his death, from cancer, inHickman is still bringing delight to moviegoers everywhere.

Chases involving buses, trucks, snowmobiles, trains, tanks, and virtually every other type of vehicle with or without wheels have appeared at some point. The Love Bug is one of the most underrated car-enthusiast films of all time considering that they have more car jargon dialog than all the Fast and Furious movies combined.